Saturn Returns

90 minutes. Camera&Direction: Lior Shamriz, in collaboration with Imri Kahn


A tribute to Punk underground films turns into a melodrama. Lucy, a privileged North American in contemporary Berlin, living a life of post Punk hedonism, roams the streets with her best friend, Derek. Together they use the city like a playground, a stage, and a never ending party. Into their lives enters Galia, a young Israeli carrying the promise of a better, cleaner way of living.

Premiered at the Torino Film Festival 2009 as the opening film of the section “Waves”; nominated to the Max Ophüls Prize; won the Best Film prize at the Achtung Berlin Film Festival.

3 experimental “satellite films” were created to accompany the picture in total length of 180 minutes: “Ritenuto”, “Titan” and “Return Return” which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival 2010.

Download the presskit in English here, in German here. Presskit for Return Return is here.


Saturn Returnsfrom spektakulativon Vimeo.