Patricia’s Message

15 minutes. Camera & Direction: Lior Shamriz, in collaboration with Chloé Griffin.

At the moment when one stream of my life concluded and a new stream was about to begin, the entire world, instead, had ended.

Installation view at IAFT19/20 in Osaka (Nov.-Dec. 2019). Image © IAFT

This film exists in two version – linear (as premiered at the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles in spring 2019) and non-linear (as first installed in Osaka at the Interdisciplinary Art Festival in fall 2019).

The story was inspired by a poem that was written by Sumerian poet Lu-digira in the 3rd Millenium BC. The film was produced by spektakulativ, at Studio Shiro Oni, Onishi, Fujioka. With performances by Chloé Griffin, Jongwook Choi, Yoji Matsumara and others.