Cancelled Faces

A man, striving for autonomy, in fear of being absorbed by his lover.

The film premiered at the Berlin Film Festival – Forum Expanded 2015.

* Download Presskit & Reader, with text by religion historian Ron Naiweld, filmmaker Ramzi Hibri and more: EnglishKorean.

Cancelled Faces was inspired by the last words of the poem THE COUPLE by Tomas Tranströmer:

The Couple

They turn out the lamplight, and its white globe
glimmers for a moment: an aspirin rising and falling
then dissolving in a glass of darkness. Around them,
the hotel walls slide like a back-drop up into the night sky.

Love’s drama has died down, and they’re sleeping now,
but their dreams will meet as colours meet
and bleed into each other
in the dampened pages of a child’s painting-book.

All around is dark, and silent. The city has drawn in,
extinguishing its windows. The houses have approached.
They crowd in close, attentive:
this audience of cancelled faces.

-Translated by Robin Robertson

Cancelled Facesfrom spektakulativon Vimeo.

Q&A after one of the Berlinale screenings in 2015