Spring in the Park

35 minutes. Experimental Documentary. Camera&Direction: Lior Shamriz

“Spring in the Park” is hybrid documentary/fiction film that tells the the story of a film director reenacting the pre-production process of his previous work (The cage).  As the locations are re-visited and a story of an unfulfilled connection with a person is being revealed, the miscommunications with the small reenactment film crew grow out of control. With actors both acting as film crew members and actually being the film’s crew, “Spring in the Park” pretends to be a Klein-bottle film in which what inside the frame is what’s outside it.

Read “Between False Realities” – text by Inyoung Yeo ]

Spring in the Park – The Cage

This iteration of the project is an assemblage of Spring in the Park, followed by The Cage. This film is 105 minutes in length.