2014 Kreidler Music Videos

In 2014, the German electronic band Kreidler commissioned Lior Shamriz to create music videos for their album “ABC”.

The videos for “Alphabet”, “Destino” and “Ceramic” conjoin to a love story between three boys on a beach. In Tornado an off-voice speaks about the strange encounter of an architect with a billionaire to a black screen, when the music sets in the picture stars flickering (the spoken word section The Cultural Attaché isn’t part of the original song). “The Cultural Attaché /Tornado” was awarded with 2nd prize in the MuVi competition of 62. International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. According to the jury, “… we thought this video presented an interesting start to negating some of the more conventional music video tropes”. (- from Wikipedia)

From the materials of the video, Shamriz also created the film The Night, which premiered at the Oberhausen Film Festival in 2014.