Fallen Blossoms

70 minutes. Direction: Lior Shamriz

An essayistic tale on the diffusion of queerness.
Fallen Blossoms was created by interpolating three different temporalities and production modes. A substantial part of filming integrated public performances in a studio with a live audience in Los Angeles and Berlin. The second part of the film was performed at PAM Performance Residencies space (Los Angeles) and third at the Wolf Kino (Berlin), while it was in construction.

The film’s pressbook is here. A production diary by Lior Shamriz for the second part is here.
The director statement is here.

Produced with support by Berlin-Brandenburg Medienboard, PAM Residencies, Wolf Cinema Berlin, 25p Berlin

Fallen Blossomsfrom spektakulativon Vimeo.

The 3rd part of the filming was a week long performance in October 2014 at the under-construction Wolf Kino on Wesertstrasse in Berlin. Each day, the crew and the actors rehearsed throughout the day, and in the evening the set opened up to the public.

The schedule of the 3rd part performances is here. In four of days, a track of music (by the director) was played repeatedly from rehearsals to filming. This was the soundtrack: