Posted on March 2, 2020

Two Short Films By Lior Shamriz
Sunday March 15 2020
Echo Park Film Center,  1200 N Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90026
Doors Open 7.30 PM, Screening begins 8.00 PM

1. FETISH PUPPIES BREAK FREE! (2020) 15 minutes. 
In 1934 Berlin, Jakob is visited by a friend who urges him to leave the country. Following the visit, to clear his mind, he sits with his partner to watch a film about a resurrected Golem in futuristic San Francisco. The screening is interrupted by a time traveller.
With Jordan Green, Chelsea Reactor, Laura Stinger, Paul Outlaw, Marval Rex, Oscar Alvarez, K Bradford, Prima Sakuntabhai, Alessio Bonnacorsi and Neha Choksi. Camera by Lior Shamriz and Cary Cronenwett.Filmed at the Tom of Finland House in Los Angeles. Produced by spektakulativ pictures

2. L’AMOUR SAUVAGE (2014) 25 minutes. Los Angeles Premiere. 
Lost love, lost artistic collaboration, the two are meeting for one night as she briefly visits the city where he still lives.
Starring Alessio Bonnacorsi and Chloé Griffin. Filmed in Belin-Brandenburg. Co-produced by Cailleau-Slak & Jürgen Brüning Filmproduktion. Premiered at the Oberhausen Festival, where it received an honorable mention. Toured with Oberhausen’s special program over 30 cities worldwide.

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