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Posted on January 31, 2023

Mimesis Magazine – Film as Performance – Issue #1 – Winter 2023

Interested in the politics of resistance as well as in forces of resistance within the  unconscious, we take a close look at the margins of the personal and the political in film practices. The mimesis of the media environment that encompasses us is crucial as much as it is endemic. Considering our social encounters as remakes of visual and time-based culture, we feel the need to unravel the cinematically entangled body and its colonial, authoritarian, patriarchal, and capitalist histories. Be it in public dance choreographies, the intimate practice of reading, ancient mesopotamian storytelling, agitprop theater or neorealist cinema – in “The Fringes of Resistance” we try to carve out the mutable contours of territories of power and make them visible to us. In our first issue we sift for threads to pick up from the myths of authenticity, identification and ideology that are engraved in the images that surround us. Through essays, fiction and conversations we explore contradictions in our practices, theorize them and (try to) make them work for us and for others.

With contributions by Noor Abed, Bojana Cvejić, Mariah Garnett, Matt Polzin, Lior Shamriz and Elbe Trakal.


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