Queer Wonderlands: Keynote Speaker

Posted on March 14, 2023

As part of the Toronto Queer Film Festival Queer Wonderlands symposium, Lior Shamriz will take part in the keynote presentation on April 23, 2023.

With witty irony and superfluous melodrama, Lior Shamriz treats cinema not merely as the documentation of a dramatic performance but as a trace of the interaction between actors, crew, memory, and place, using the screen to project and examine topics like immigration, post-colonialism and orientalism, othering and belonging. “A separation of reality from mimesis is a dualist illusion,” Shamriz says. “A film is often not a record of an interaction, but rather, it is the interaction with the spaces we visit and the people we encounter”. For their keynote talk, Shamriz will discuss their work in research-based essay videos, poetry videos, performance, and independent cinema, and will turn to Keguro Macharia’s concept of Frottage to consider cinema as a medium of gathering traces of interactions that activate our engagement with the world.

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